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Gas Scooter vs Electric Scooter

Gas scooter vs Electric scooter

If you are considering buying a scooter in the near future, one of the questions you are most likely asking yourself is whether to buy an electric scooter vs  gas scooter. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question because both scooters have pros and cons that you need to look at before making the decision.


In this article, we will take a deep dive into the differences plus the pros and cons of buying gas or electric scooter. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to make it easy to decide which of the two scooters you should buy. Which is the best electric scooter to buy? What is the best gas scooter to buy? Let’s get started!


Differences between electric and gas scooters

The major difference between electric and gas scooters is that electric scooters are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. An electric scooter also has a simpler powering mechanism that mainly comprises the motor, battery, and controller.


On the other hand, gas scooters are powered by an internal combustion engine with 2 or 4 strokes. These engines usually use petrol as fuel. The powering mechanism of these scooters is much more complex because it involves an engine, battery, and several other engine components.


Pros and cons for gas vs. electric scooters

Now that we know the differences between the two let’s get into the pros and cons of each.


Electric scooter


  1. Lower maintenance and operation costs in the long term

Electric scooters have a simplified system and fewer parts than gas scooters, making their maintenance costs lower. As long as nothing breaks down, the only major component that needs attention is the motor, which is way cheaper to maintain than a gas engine.


Electric scooters are also cheaper to operate since all you need is to charge the battery, which is more affordable than fuel. No matter where you are located, the cost of charging a battery per mile will always be lower than the cost of gas per mile.


  1. More convenient to move with

If you buy a scooter that you intend to travel with on your trips, buying an electric one is a much better decision. Electric scooters are light and easier to carry around than gas scooters. They also have foldable versions that you can fold and put in a bag.


  1. Better for environment

If you are the kind of person that is concerned about the environment and climate change in general, an electric scooter should be your obvious choice. They release zero emissions to the environment while in operation. They are also quieter than gas scooters, which reduces noise pollution in the area you are riding them from.


  1. They are easy to fix

If your scooter gets a problem, fixing will usually take less time and effort than the gas alternatives. Some of the issues they get can easily be fixed by the rider if he is a little handy.


  1. They are less expensive to buy

Since electric scooters have fewer parts, they are usually cost less than gas scooters. If you intend to use a scooter for moving short distances and don’t care about the battery mileage, you can get a good electric scooter for as low as $250.



  1. They usually have less speed

The speed of most electric scooters is usually between 8 to 25mph, which is way below what gas scooters can offer.


  1. They have less mileage

A fully charged battery on an electric scooter will usually give you less mileage than a gas scooter with a full tank.


  1. Longer charging hours

Electric scooter batteries usually take hours to charge compared to about the 5 minutes of filling the gas tank of a gas scooter.


Gas scooters

UberScoot 2x 50cc Gas Scooter


  1. More miles per full tank

If you fill-up the tank of your gas scooter, you will usually get more mileage than a fully charged electric scooter. Gas scooters also take less time to refuel than charging an electric scooter battery.


  1. They can reach higher speeds

Most gas scooters in the market today can reach speeds between 16 to 30mph. If the speed of the scooter matters to you, you will likely have more fun with a gas scooter than an electric one. Due to these higher speeds, gas scooters are legally allowed to operate on highways.


  1. More variety

Although electric scooters are slowly gaining popularity, there are still more gas scooters in the market. So, if you choose to go with a gas scooter, you will have more brands, models, and color options to choose from.


  1. More reliable

Since gas scooters have been around much longer, they tend to be more reliable than most electric scooters because their designs have stood the test of time. If you are looking for a scooter that you will use for a couple of years, buying a gas scooter is a safer bet.



  1. High maintenance and operation costs

The major drawback of gas scooters is the high cost of maintenance and refueling. With gas engines, you will have to frequently change things like engine oil and air filters.


  1. Less portable

Gas scooters are usually heavier and less friendly to carry around than electric scooters.


  1. Require a motorcycle license

Since gas scooters can attain relatively high speeds, you will require a motorcycle license before taking your scooter on the road.(in some cases over 50cc)


  1. Negative environmental impact

Gas scooters produce fuel emissions that are a danger to our health and the environment in general. They also have more noise than electric scooters.


Final thoughts

Now that you know the differences between gas and electric scooters, plus their pros and cons, it should be easy for you to make a choice. If things like speed and mileage matter to you, you are better off choosing a gas scooter.

But if you are looking for a scooter that is cheaper to maintain, makes little to no noise, and is more environmentally friendly, then an electric scooter is what you should go for.

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