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What is an eScooter?

In these times when lots of people across the world stay home much longer as they are trying to avoid crowds as much as possible, it would make a lot of sense for someone to have a simplified form of transport like an eScooter that they can use for short distances.

This type of rideable has lots of benefits that we are going to discuss later in this article. But first things first, we are going to look at what is an eScooter, who should buy one, and why. Let's dive in right away.

What is an eScooter, e-Scooter, electric Scooter?

The eScooter we are talking about in this article is a stand on two wheel electric scooter that is powered by lithium-ion batteries or sealed lead acid. The "e" stands for electric.

It is the batteries that power the motor of the scooter to get it moving for a couple of miles to many miles before they need to be charged again. Back in the days, such scooters were powered by gasoline combustion engines and were mainly used by kids.

New advances in technology are making the ride on electric scooter a versatile transportation machine that can change the way we think about traveling short and now even longer distances. 

UberScoot 1000w

In recent years, electric scooters have penetrated the market a little more, and designs for adults are also widely available. In the past, these scooters were mainly used for having fun and traveling short distances up to 5 miles. Today they are used as an important means of transport. 

As battery technology gets cheaper and more sophisticated each year, these scooters now have cheaper but efficient batteries that can last longer distances on a single charge up to 30-40 miles.  The possibilities of personal electric mobility have just scratched the surface 

Furthermore, eScooters are also getting more advanced today with some now having mobile apps that you are used for configuring a few settings about how you want it to operate. One for example is The MotoTec 853 Pro Electric Scooter which picture is below is an electric scooter with bluetooth & app.


Mototec 853 pro electric scooter with bluetooth


Difference between stand-on eScooter and electric Vespa type scooter

Stand on eScooters are ridden while one is standing and usually used for shorter distances because of their small motor and battery capacity. On the other hand, mainstream electric Vespa type scooters are like motorbikes and are ridden while sitting. They also have larger motors and batteries that enable them to move much faster and for longer distances.

Electric Vespa vs eScooter

The electric Vespa type scooters are also supposed to be registered as motorbikes, and one would require a license to ride it in the USA. Stand-on scooters on the other hand are not supposed to be registered as motorbikes and riding them doesn't require any form of license. However, there are some restricted areas where they may not be allowed. So, you need to know their limit while riding one.

Why you may need a stand on electric scooter?

  • Shopping at your local grocery stores

While at home, you can quickly use your stand-on electric scooter also referred to as an stand up electric scooter to go to the nearby store to buy some groceries. The fact that it uses less power means you will incur very small costs as far as charging its battery is concerned. So, it is way cheaper and more convenient than driving a car for such short distances.

For the sake of this article, and just to riase awareness, they do make a 3 wheel electric scooter,  eScooter, or trike. These 3 wheel electric trikes are often a lot heavier and are not consider portable. The best example of a three wheel electric trike is the famous "segway"  but competitors such as the MotoTec Electric Trike 48w 800w are becoming very popular due to their great quality at the fraction of the price!

Mototec Electric Trike 48w 800w
  • For making local deliveries

If you operate a grocery store and you would love to do deliveries within your area, one of the cheapest deliveries methods would be a stand on 2 wheel electric scooter. They are cheaper to buy and maintain than real bikes so they won't put a lot of burden on your business. Furthermore, if you do deliveries for platforms like Uber Eats, Postmates, or DoorDash, using a stand on scooter will help you save a lot in terms of what you spend on delivering.

  • Commuting to work

If your lucky and your workplace is within a few miles from your home, you could use a commuter electric scooter to travel to work every day. In particular if you would choose a foldable electric scooter, you could even move with it while on public transport means and use it to get to your workplace from the drop station where the train or bus leaves you. 

These Scooters will significantly lower your daily expenditure on transport. So, instead of using your car, why not use an electric scooter that is cheaper to maintain. Save money on on parking tickets!

  • For Having Fun!

At first, having fun was the primary use of scooters. Unlike the many other cases that people use electric scooters for today, there are still many people that ride them just to have fun during their free time.

You can use your electric scooter to just move around your local area in the evening after work or take them on the trail in the woods. Our 2 picks for best affordable electric scooter 2021 are the UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter & the UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter.  The UberScoot 1000w is the best electric scooter under 500 dollars by our eCoastRiders Team.

UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter
Furthermore, some e-Scooter enthusiasts like to bring fun to the next level but are limited due to there size or weight. They want the fastest, most powerful, coolest design electric scooter out there but there is not a lot of options. Newer companies are realizing that they need to adjust to the American lifestyle which means increasing speed, power, and max load but still being portable.
The Mototec Thor 60v 2400w has a max speed of 40mph based on weight and a max load of 310lbs. Read more about it here. One of the best electric scooter for heavy adults & best electric scooter 2021.
Mototec Thor 60v 2400w


  • They are friendly to the environment.

Electric stand-on scooters rely on batteries to move, unlike the older ones that used gasoline to power their engines. While riding stand-on scooters, not only will you be moving at a cheaper cost than when you use your gasoline car, but you will also be saving the environment from the fumes that come from these cars. Some electric scooters have economy mode or eco-mode such as Mototec chaos 2000w 60v lithium electric scooter which maximizes battery life a longer mile range reducing the amount of charges needed between destinations.  

mototec chaos 2000w 60v lithium electric scooter

So, if you are someone that wants to have an impact when it comes to conserving the environment, there are even have more reasons to ride these eScooters than using a car.

  • They DON'T have to be registered.

Unlike the mainstream electric bikes and scooters, stand on electric scooters are NOT required to be registered. So, if you want to have a scooter that won't get you in the hustle of having to register, then you should consider getting a stand on an electric scooter.

Also, any vespa-like electric scooter over a certain CC engine requires a driver's and motorcycles license to be registered in that state. Currently, rid on eScooters do not need a drivers licenses but some states have rules on a minimum age requirement. Remember to always check your state and local policies as laws are always changing.

In conclusion, the fact that this eScooters don't need to be licensed also means you will save yourself the burden of having to pay annual license fees to ride your scooter. 

eScooters don't have to be registered

Final thoughts

Like we have seen above, stand-on electric scooters or e-Scooters are great a option for people who intend to move short distances and now even longer distances within their local areas. If you don't intend to move long distances, it would make more economic sense if you get an electric stand-on scooter than getting the mainstream electric scooter that requires a license to operate.






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