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Which Electric Scooter Is The Fastest?

Electric scooters are one of the most used means of transport in the USA and the rest of the world. The global electric scooter market size was estimates to be over $18.5 Billion by the end of 2022. People love scooters because of their convenience and low maintenance costs, especially if used for short trips.


If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, I’m sure one of the things you will concerned about is its top speed. The top speed of any scooter depends on a couple of parameters that include both the features of the scooter itself, weight of the rider, and the gradient of the road where the scooter is being used.


In this article, I will discuss and dive deep into the details of the factors that determine the maximum speed of your scooter & also how can you increase electric scooter speed answering questions like the ones below:

How fast does a 2000w electric scooter go?
How fast does a 1000w electric scooter go?
How fast does a 500w watt scooter go?

In addition, I will also share how you can use our electric scooter speed calculator  backed by science to determine the top speed of the scooter you are about to buy. Let’s dive in.


Factors that affect electric scooter top speed.

  1. Motor power

The power of the motor(s) will determine the amount of torque that your scooter can generate, which in the end affects the speed. Motor power is measured in watts and it is a product of current (Amps) and Voltage (Volts). With all other factors constant, a motor with more power is faster than one with less power. For instance, an scooter that has a motor with 500watts will be faster than one with 350 watts.


  1. Weight of the scooter

The weight of the scooter includes the weight of the scooter itself plus the battery, but doesn’t include the weight of the rider and their cargo. With all other factors constant, the lighter the scooter, the faster it will be. Lighter scooters will be faster because the motor will apply less work to move its weight compared to a much heavier scooter.


  1. Maximum weight

The maximum weight capacity of the scooter includes the weight of the rider and the cargo he is moving with. That means the clothes the rider is putting on, the helmet, the water bottle, backpack, and any other thing that the rider moves along with is all part of the maximum weight capacity. So, the more the maximum weight, the less fast the scooter will be.


  1. Wind speed

The speed of the wind the is moving in the opposite direction will also affect the top speed that one will achieve while riding a scooter. Wind speed is measured in miles per hour (MPH). With other factors constant, the more the wind speed, the less fast the scooter will be. So, riding on a windy will obviously reduce the top speed that you can achieve with you scooter.


  1. Incline

The gradient/incline of the road where the scooter is being used will also affect the electric scooter top speed. The steeper the slope, the more the work the motor has to do to overcome it, and this reduces the speed of the scooter. So, your scooter will be much faster if you ride on a flat surface (with Zero gradient) as compared to when you ride it uphill.

  1. Efficiency of the motor

For those who may not know efficiency of a motor refers to the fraction of the power that motor gets (power input) that is converted into mechanical power (power output). So, given two motors have the same power rating, one with a higher efficiency will achieve a higher top speed than one with lower efficiency.


Brushless motors usually have an efficiency of about 87%. On the other hand, brushed motors have an efficiency of about 77% mainly because they experience more friction, which leads to a lot of power being lost in form of heat.


Here is how you can calculate electric scooter top speed using the electric scooter speed calculator

electric scooter speed calculator


All you have to do is input the motor power, weight of scooter, max weight capacity, wind resistance, incline, and motor efficiency. For instance, if we use the following parameters; motor power of 500W, a weight of 50lb, maximum weight capacity of 200lb, wind speed of 12MPH, incline of 20%, and with brushless motors. The top speed will be 3.68MPH. Not ideal, so you would need a lot more motor power!

electric scooter speed calculator

How to increase electric scooter speed

  • Carry less luggage

If you want your electric scooter to be faster, don’t move with a lot of things. If there is nothing important to put in the backpack, don’t include it because it will eventually limit the top speed that you can achieve.


  • Get electric scooter with more power

The main determinant of your scooter top speed will be the power of its motor. If speed is your priority, always go for electric scooters that have the highest possible power you can afford. It will also be more logical to get one with a brushless motor because it is more efficient. A more efficient motors will also put less stress on your battery, which in the end increases its lifespan.


  • Avoid riding on very windy days

Every there is too much wind, the top speed of your scooter will obviously go down unless if you are riding in towards the same direction as the wind. Riding against the wind creates air resistance that in the end reduces the top speed that your scooter can achieve.


Final thoughts

Like we have seen above, the top speed that an electric scooter can achieve depends one couple of parameters. The key determinant is always the motor power and its efficient. If a motor has high power and efficiency, this will obviously translate into more speed.


Wind speed, steepness of the road, maximum weight capacity and the scooter weight will also affect the maximum speed that one can achieve with their scooter. So, while buying a scooter , you can use the electric scooter speed calculator to determine its maximum possible speeds before you go ahead and pay for it.


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