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"Estimate Your Top Speed" for your electric scooter using our eCoastRider's Speed Power Estimator. It takes into account the motor, weight of your scooter, the max weight capacity, wind resistance, incline %, and efficiency of the motor.

Always know your highest speed using our electric scooter speed calculator backed by science & proprietary algorithm. 

Enter Your Data in Below and Hit "Calculate"

Speed Power Estimator
Calculate My Top Speed

  • Motor Power - The amount of Watts of the motor 
    • Watts= Volts x Amps
  • Weight of Scooter - Total weight of scooter (lbs)
    • Includes battery weight & NO rider weight 
  • Max Weight Capacity - Rider weight + any cargo (max load in lbs)
    • This includes weight of clothes, backpacks, water bottles, helmet
  • Wind Resistance - Wind speed that slows down a moving object (MPH)
    • Wind blowing directly toward the scooter
  • Incline - % of slope of the terrain or surface
  • Efficiency - How efficient the motor works
    • Brushed Motor - 77%
    • Brushless Motor - 87%, produce less heat and friction to increase power output per applied power input 
  • Speed - Calculated top speed of the scooter



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